Baby Wipes with Vitamin E

  • Quantity: 1 packs (80 wipes)
  • 99.5% Water Based
  • 0.5% Food Grade Certified Ingredients
  • Safe for babies at all ages.

TESTED and CERTIFIED - Extensive tests and certifications on oral and eye toxicity, skin irritability, product quality and manufacturing quality assurances. Purified water from 7 tier filteration added with naturally purified lava water rich in minerals, and 8 Food grade formula specially designed for use on all ages including new borns.

Each wipe is thick but delicate therefore contains more moisture contents than others to handle any type of task. Each wipe is gently folded and sprayed so you won't ever waste extra wipes. 

Each product is manufactured under superior hygienic standards, and in germ and dust free environment

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