Rectangular Table Napkins

  • Quantity: 1 packs (210 sheets in a pack)
  • Paper towel size: 4.5inch x 3inch
  • Number of layers: 3 layers
  • Type of scent: unscented, natural without scent.
  • Weight: 50g/1pack

Safe and non-toxic, comfortable to use, disposable design, bring you convenience.
And it will reduce bacterial infection; Say goodbye to bad smells. 
Soft and skin-friendly, has no harm to skin. Using a beverage napkin underneath your glasses will help prevent condensation from running onto bars, tabletops or table cloths

With soluble technology, the paper will be instant dissolve in once you throw it into toilet. Dont worry about toilet clogging, these Hand towels are making it ideal to serve with any beverage, such as water, juice, coffee, tea, or cocktails. Suitable for in the hospitality industry, also these napkins are perfect for bars, coffee shops, restaurants, or events.

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